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The Core Awakening

 Fall 2019

Personal Growth

"You are your most valuable asset. Your life, your potential and your possibilities are the most precious thing you have. Thus your great goal in life should be to fulfill that potential and become everything you are capable of becoming" 
Brian Tracy

What is a personal growth seminar?
Great personal growth seminars are educational, experiential, and therapeutic.  They focus upon helping you learn the skills you need to 1). develop more clarity and purpose, 2). build better relationships, and 3). maximize your potential.  Connected Living Personal Growth Seminars help you connect with yourself, with others, and with your larger community. Come and connect, and as Brian Tracy says “become everything you are capable of becoming.”  

Why choose Connected Living Seminars?
Connected Living Seminars are different from other personal growth seminars.  Why?  Our program was developed and is taught by highly trained and experienced therapists.  We’ve spent years undergoing a profound training program and doing our own personal work.  On a daily basis, we work with clients in therapy.  We see how they are able to transform their life experience using the methods we teach in our Core Awakening series. Our “whole person” approach covers all elements of the human experience - the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  From our participation with other personal growth programs, we can honestly say that not only are Connected Living Seminars safe and effective, they are TRANSFORMATIONAL FOR LIFE. 
Relate, Grow, Flourish
The Team


Shawna Hett

Dr Margie Gayle

Sybille Webb

Jodie Mc Donald

We are four Integrative Body Psychotherapists and Facilitators with over 100 years of combined experience.

The Core Awakening


This is our foundational four month program combining Western psychology and Eastern body wisdom. Build a healthy Core Self to create a life you love.


An Extraordinary Weekend for Couples

Enhance Your Relationship 

for the Rest of Your Life


Authenticity, Vulnerability, Intimacy

Couples Intensive
Connected Parenting

One day workshops to gain tools, skills and insights on how connecting to yourself, loving boundaries, understanding your patterns and being present can change your relationship with your children.