All Connected Living Seminars are based on the principles of Integrative Body Psychotherapy. Connected Living Seminar facilitators are all trained and certified IBP therapists. 

Integrative Body Psychotherapy

IBP is a non-invasive mind-body psychotherapy that treats the whole person, integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It facilitates deep and meaningful inner work with lasting results. IBP integrates the best approaches from Eastern and Western psychological, physiological and spiritual mind-body theories and practices into a highly efficient, effective and dynamic approach to psychotherapy. 

IBP experiential practices help to break through old, dysfunctional thinking, feeling, and behaviour patterns by helping you access and reawaken your wholeness. You reestablish the fully integrated state of well-being, constancy and sense of self that you were born with.  IBP is often called the missing link because of its integration of the sense of self felt in your body. The IBP practice often leads to a transformation of consciousness at the core of one’s being.


“IBP Works with body-mind-spirit, exploring thoughts, emotions, and body states simultaneously incorporating breath and movement. IBP takes you to your core, to know your authentic voice, one that is free of the traumas and dramas, unconscious biases, self-limiting repetitive holding patterns in body-mind that perpetuate, often generational, self-destructive behaviours." Beverly Kitaen Morse, IBP Co - founder

Jack Rosenberg

founder of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP). 

Author of "Body, Self & Soul" and 

the "Intimate Couple"

Beverly Kitaen Morse

Co-Founder of IBP and presently director of The IBP Central Institute

in LA, California

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