Testimonials for Core Awakening

 "I felt welcome and comfortable from the moment I arrived. There is such a wealth of knowledge and experience in the room that it's impossible not to get excited about the possibility for positive change and growth at this seminar!" A


"I truly can't recommend “Connected Living” enough. I had many insights into issues I have spent lots of time and energy working with before and left with new skills and confidence to practice. This weekend seminar was a powerful experience”. So many aha! moments this weekend. Suddenly it all makes sense!" M

"WOW! I just completed weekend 3 of this incredible seminar series... I learned so much about myself, my patterns, Agency, how to release stuck energy, breathing and how to be in my body and come alive... WOW, amazing! " S

"I am finally smiling after months of full body pain and wanting to give up.. check it out.. it's for all of us!!! :) These four beautiful women have something truly incredible to share." D


"This workshop helped me realize that I already have aliveness – I just didn't have the tools to access it and my habits were numbing it. Tools for a healthy sense of self to take into personal and professional relationships, parenting and in fact, being in this world" P

"I've been on a self development journey for 13 years, but never really got it. All these 13 years of books and courses, this is what I was looking for! The breath and boundary practice alone is so deeply powerful!" A

“I believe these woman are very well equipped to facilitate a wise, wonderful, safe & supportive circle to learn in a group setting with safe boundaries and effective exercises. The material is very helpful and informative. A wonderful, fun & meaningful way to spend the weekend. Lots of awareness and emotional intelligence.” L

“This workshop has really opened my eyes to a new view of myself. I notice myself becoming a more confident, positive, beautiful young woman, and it is because of these amazing women and the group that have allowed me to grow within the safe space we created. I look forward to the next workshop." J


"Today was eye opening! I learned how things that happened before, during and after I was born control my perception and views!” D

“If you have doubts, they are immediately calmed when you meet these beautiful women. Their welcoming openness and nonjudgmental kindness put me at ease. They truly care for each individual to help you connect with who you really are.” G

“While participating in the first weekend of the Connected Living / Core Awakening Seminars, I learned many new concepts and a variety of practical strategies to use in everyday life. I have already started to apply these new tools to gain a deeper understanding of myself and of my relationships with others. I look forward to the upcoming sessions. Many thanks to the compassionate and experienced facilitators!” P