The Connecting With Self-Awareness Weekend Workshop: 

Connected Living Seminars is offering a separate two day weekend in Spring, 2019.  This workshop explores the different stages of adult development and what it means to evolve to a self-transforming mind and body.  Create the road map for your own life.   Connect with your self-awareness and learn how to remain in a more constant state of well-being and emotional health.

The Four Core Awakening Program Weekends:


                                                                                      Weekend 1:

Connecting with Self 


This module will teach you how to develop a deeper awareness of your physical, emotional and spiritual sense of self.  You will develop a greater capacity for emotional depth, authenticity and vulnerability so that you can navigate your life and relationships in a profoundly meaningful way.  Learn new ways to be present, grounded and centered.  Experience what it means to have a boundary and to be connected to someone.  Understand your own inner beliefs, fears and themes and learn new tools to overcome disruptions to your confidence, well-being and relationships. 

Weekend 2:

Becoming the Author

of your Life

Become more emotionally intelligent by understanding your inner narrative (the story you tell yourself about who you are) so that you can replace the critic’s voice inside you with the small, quiet voice within that speaks the real truth of who you are.  Move towards your greater potential with a deeper level of knowledge of how you formed both the positive and negative themes and patterns that either move you forward or disrupt you and keep you stuck. 


Weekend 3:

Authentic Relationships: 

Connecting from your Core


This module will take you deeper into the mind-body connection using the breath and body awareness.  Learn how to let go of past emotional injuries so that you can move forward with your life.  This module will help you become more aware of how you unconsciously hold shame, fear, hurt, and anger in your body.  As you learn your specific body holding patterns, you will also be learning how to release them through reframing old ways of thinking with a breath and movement practice.  Learn how to use your breath and body as a compass for your inner truth and potential.


Weekend 4:

Connecting with Spirit

and the World



Many of the most important events in our lives take place in the unknown.  Learn how to stay constant internally so that when life throws you a curve ball, you can stay present, centred, and grounded.  In this module, you will be guided to delve more deeply into the existential issues of meaning, purpose, aloneness, authenticity, aging, and impermanence.  This module will guide you to connect in to your energetic spirit and enliven it so that you can live a life of profound meaning and purpose.